Rentoid is Australia's largest online Hire & Rental market - Baby Equipment hire, Equipment Rentals, Trades hire, Computer rentals, Boat Hire, and more.....

Did you know...

... that doesn't own any of the items on this website, (although all the employees all have stuff on here!) rather it's a website where people rent things to and from each other. Which means we don't know all the items on rentoid. We now have many thousands of items and it's growing daily. Yes, it does mean you can put your items on here for rent, for free. Cool huh? But it also means that we many not be able to answer your questions on the details of some items you may want to rent. But we are still happy to answer any questions you may have.

Now what? Put your idle assets to work on rentoid - and be sure to tell your friends. A bigger market means a better rentoid.

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Rentoid is only going to get better. It’s our goal to get everything anyone could want to use on here. Sure, we’ve started in Australia, but we’re all connected to the world. So there really aren’t any limits. Rentoid gives the more the merrier a whole new meaning.

To save yourself some time you might like to check if your question is on the frequently asked questions page.

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