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Free storage

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Paying for storage space is a quite annoying. Here’s how to remove your storage costs and get someone to pay you for storing your items. Forget the renting the storage garage below. The rentoid method is much better and makes you money to boot.


A smart rentoid member gave us a call today to tell us how she used rentoid to solve her storage problems. So we thought we’d share her method below.

Here’s what to do in simple 3 simple steps:

  1. Put the items you would normally be storing on rentoid up for rent. (List your items)
  2. List these items for rent, at great cheap prices. Yes really cheap - remember you would normally be paying someone to store these items for you. So any rental price here will still be a win and save you money.
  3. Maybe rent your items in a bundle of household items for rent - for example: fridge, Washing machine & dryers would work well together.
  4. Tell us at rentoid about your stuff and we’ll help you promote it.
  5. rent stuff out - and tell your friends how you got paid for someone else to store your stuff.


Let us know how you go - rentoid team.

Written by admin

July 31st, 2009 at 4:50 am

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