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10 things renters want

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Here’s some stuff people are requesting a zillion times each day which we just don’t have any or enough of.

1. 3D printers - We estimate a 4 week payback period on investing in 1 to rent. By the way - the type of techie nerds who would rent this would definitely not damage it… (we reckon)

2. iPads - The iPad 2 we have very few of, and hundreds of requests and searches daily.

3. Galaxy Tabs - Again people are doing their comparisons on which one to buy.

4. XBox Kinnect - Not just for gaming. People ant to test their software mashups.

5. Car Roof boxes - Thule are most popular.

6. Caravans & Camping gear - Basic idea of temporary needs.(Get your tents on rentoid peeps)

7. Projectors - People are sick of hotels & conference rooms charging $300 a day for a simple laptop projector and would rather rent yours for a reasonable price.

8. Chainsaws - the ultimate temporary need for when a tree falls down.

9. Trailers - You could really spin some money if you have one sitting in your drive way.

10. Ski gear - Same lesson here. peope would rather rent your ski / snow gear at a reasoanble price than get ripped off at the mountain.

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February 19th, 2012 at 3:52 pm

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