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Our people matter


A lot of business talk about their people (employees) being the most important part of the business. And quite frankly they are full of crap. Most businesses care about these things in order of most importance.

1. Profit

2. Shareholders

3. Ego

In general most large companies talk about their people being their most important resource, simply becuase they read it is some text book somewhere or heard it a corporate seminar. The evidence lies in what they call people - ‘Human Resources’. As soon as we think of ‘people as resources’ real intentions and value systems become evident.

I just thought it was about time we gave some recognition to our CTO - Chief Technology Officer - Vasilii Racovitsa. Vasilii is the main coder at rentoid and key technology project manager. He’s currently working on rentoid version 2.0 which will be a dramatic improvement of the rentoid site. With a key focus on usability - and ease of transacting. We’re pretty lucky to have Vasilii because he is a super smart multi-lingual uber geek. He’s currently studying his PhD in computer science. We like to rub shoulders with such people…. :-)


The thing that matters most is that he’s a nice guy who keeps his promises. We are stoked to have him as part of the rentoid team.


Written by admin

July 21st, 2009 at 8:38 pm

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  1. Always interesting to see the architects behind the apps you use :) Thanks.

    Tim Cinel

    21 Jul 09 at 8:49 pm

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