Rentoid is Australia's largest online Hire & Rental market - Baby Equipment hire, Equipment Rentals, Trades hire, Computer rentals, Boat Hire, and more.....
Welcome to Rentoid.
Rentoid connects owners and renters of almost anything. That's it. Makes sense, doesn't it? Rent anything from anyone. Or have someone rent something from you.

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Looking for something to rent?
You know that Xbox One that you're thinking of buying? Expensive, isn't it? Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper if you could just rent it from someone instead of spending all of your hard earned cash? Just type what you want to rent along with your location and find someone willing to rent it to you.

Do you have something to rent to others?
Or what about that ladder you bought recently? Sure, it comes in handy when you need to change lightbulbs. But what about the other 364 days a year when it gathers dust? Wouldn't it be great if you could rent it to someone and make some cash on the side? List your item. Name your price. Rentoid will find you a renter.

What if they wreck my stuff?
Great question. Check out our answers on the frequently asked questions page.

Got a hiring business?

Why not use Rentoid to generate some extra business?

The environment loves rentoid too!
How? Read about it at the environment page.

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